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Injecting Life

I am currently on day 5 of my injections and am feeling very hormonal. It is like an extreme of PMT. I was thinking earlier that if this works, is this what I am going to feel like for the next 9 months?! I have hit the mid way point where I am feeling like a pin cushion, I had a cry as I injected tonight and feel quite overwhelmed.

I only had to do one injection tonight so it was an easier day. I have to inject 30ml of Suprecur every day, this drug will stop my natural cycle and put me into a temporary menopause of sorts so that my body won’t naturally carry on with the cycle it has started. This injection is not too bad, I have a little vial of the liquid and I draw it up into the syringe and then inject into my tummy. I was terrified of this when I began my last round of IUI but it is surprisingly easy. I have been injecting pain medication for over a year using an epi-pen type device and OMG that hurts compared to these injections. My skin puts up no fight to the needle and it is very quick and easy to depress the syringe.

Selection of the fertility drugs I have to inject every other day


Every other day I then have to inject a drug called Menapur as well. This is to artificially stimulate my ovaries and control my cycle. I am on a low dose of 0.75 as I am highly fertile and because I am doing IUI I don’t need to produce many eggs. The aim is for me to have 2-3 eggs ready to ovulate which will increase my changes of getting pregnant as a natural cycle only makes one egg ready to go…it is because of this that the chance of multiples is higher. If I produce more that 3 eggs I will have to have a cyst aspiration which means they “pop” the weaker eggs so I don’t get pregnant with sextuplets…this is done with a needle…up my….. I do NOT want this procedure!

I am struggling to get my head around the fact the procedure is likely to happen on Friday, that is in 4 days, and if not then, next Monday. So this time in a week I could be on my way to being pregnant. It all happens so fast once the cycle begins. I have another scan on Wednesday morning, I will post again after that and discuss the joys of internal scans! Bet you can’t wait!

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