Fertility Treatment, Take Two

Here We Go Again!

Today is the first day of my period, what an opening line to a blog! But this particular first day of a period is important because it is the beginning of the second round of IUI fertility treatment that I am about to go through. I had to call my fertility clinic this morning to notify them, something else that is odd! Calling a stranger to say, “Hello! My period is here!” Anyway, I have an appointment now for Thursday morning for my baseline scan and we are off again!

I am going to be talking about a lot of specific medical terms and procedures as I talk through my journey so I will try and explain them as I go along but please feel free to ask any questions about how it all works. I have realised that despite telling friends and family what happens there is so much to keep track of.

IUI is Intrauterine Insemination, or artificial insemination, which basically means that the sperm is inserted into the uterus medically as opposed to naturally! This is a procedure that many couples use if they have fertility issues, and it is the method most single women opt for when using donor sperm. It is less invasive that IVF (and cheaper) and if you don’t have any fertility issues yourself, which I don’t, it is the best option.

As mentioned above I have my baseline scan on Thursday. The nurses at the clinic do this between day 2 and 5 of the cycle. It is the assess the starting state of my reproductive system. This was something I was very scared of first time around as I have never had an internal scan and the thought of one really worried me. Prior to the appointment I had been told that they could do the scans through my tummy if I wanted to, they did not have to be done transvaginally if that was going to distress me too much. I thought about it but they have to do the insemination that way so I figured I’d best get used to it. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected and so I am less worried this time round. I discovered back in November that I have a perfectly shaped uterus! Woo yeah!! Go me and my perfect womb! At least one part of my body works well! It was the perfect shape and the texture of the lining looked right. They will also check for any cysts on my ovaries, I didn’t have any last time so I am hoping to be ok this time around too.

After the scans on Thursday, I will start to inject the drugs that will control the cycle and lead up to my ovulation. It is at the point of ovulation that they will do the IUI procedure.

I am feeling mixed emotions at this point in time if I’m honest. I am excited to get started again and so much less anxious as I know what to expect. But. What if it doesn’t work again? I responded so perfectly last time that they don’t want to change anything, but that means the “bad luck” that caused there to be no pregnancy could strike again. I am trying so hard to find a suitable balance of belief and hope without the hurt of no baby again. I have discovered this is impossible.

I am feeling positive though, I am feeling strong and determined and I feel like this is the next step in turning my life around and being who I want to be, a mummy.

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