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Hello, this is where I am meant to tell you a little about me, which is hard really as this entire blog is all about me! I am a single lady (I hope you are all singing!) of 34 who is embarking on a big journey into motherhood. Alone. My entire life all I have ever wanted is to be a mummy…and here I am attempting to go against the grain and break a few social rules to get there. You might be saying there are no social rules around parenthood anymore but deep down we know they still exist. And even though I do love a rule, this time I am breaking them to do things my way!

I’m at the very beginning of my journey to be a mother but it is something I wanted to share. When making the decision to become a “single mother by choice” and to have a “donor baby” (I’m not sure I like either of those labels but I will use them for now!) I realised that there really isn’t all that much out there from woman who have actually done it. There are more stories from America but I want to stand up there for the British mummies going this route.

The blog will tell my story along the way but will also touch upon the other aspects of my life and how they can all come together to create a happy me, and in time a happy child. So look out in the future for posts about mental health especially depression and anxiety, weight issues and eating disorders, finding work as a creative, self discovery and education! I’m a mixed bag!

I am intending for this to be an open book and I will be identifying myself in time, but I wanted to wait until I feel safe and secure in pregnancy to do this.

Welcome to my journey!

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