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Swim, boys, swim!

It’s done!! I had my IUI done at 11.15 yesterday morning. All those little swimmer fought their way through and hopefully found my egg.

It was definitely a better experience than last time. I was really nervous about the sedation, having never had it before, and this occupied my mind a lot. I arrived at the clinic wearing my lucky Harry Potter socks and top! I had my Union Jack pants on and a little bit of Nancy in my bra (this needs so much explanation it’s not even worth it! It’s not as weird as it sounds!!) I was ready to go. The lovely, lovely nurses came in to reassure me and I had the best vein finder put in the line for the sedation because I have awkward veins. They all knew how scared I was and were so kind to me, 3 different nurses and the consultant – they all made me feel so at ease and talked me through every stage.

Once I was in the theatre they connected me up to all the wires and gave me an oxygen mask and then put the sedation in. I didn’t know what it was going to be like, how conscious I was going to be. At the time I felt like I was hardly sedated at all but looking back I was more out of it than I thought. It still hurt a lot, not quite like being stabbed in the vagina with knives like last time, but still a fair amount of pain. I was in and out of theatre within 15mins and it felt ever faster. My sister, who accompanied me, said I was very sleepy when I came out and then I was just a bit drunk! I am embarrassed to say I told the nurse the same story twice, so I must have been more out of it that I thought!

I was home within 2hrs of going and that was that. It is done, I could be pregnant. It feels like the procedure didn’t even happen, that it wasn’t even real. I feel like it won’t happen this time, I know I shouldn’t be defeatist but I really feel it isn’t going to work. Maybe I am just protecting myself. Here comes the two week wait!!!

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