Fertility Treatment, Third Time Lucky

Third Time Lucky

I have been missing in action for several months now. My computer died and due to my extreme anxiety when it comes to making phone calls I didn’t do anything to get it fixed for a long time. It is now back in my possession and at the perfect time because I am just starting the next step of my journey.

Sadly my last IUI didn’t work. The clinic don’t have the answers to why it hasn’t worked either time. I had two such different cycles; one where I responded perfectly and fast with the IUI procedure happening on CD10, and one where I resisted the medication and didn’t have the IUI until CD23. These to opposite responses meant that the doctors couldn’t predict how I would respond again so with that in mind, and the fact I have such a high AMH and the drugs make my ovaries polycystic, they decided the next port of call would be a round of IVF.

I had my consultant appointment not long after I found out I wasn’t pregnant and talked through all my options. The doctor wanted to put me on Metformin to help “calm down” my ovaries and he wanted me to be on this for six weeks before starting an IVF cycle. This was perfect as that coincided with a cycle naturally. So a week or so ago I had to start Norethisterone for 6 days, I’ve never been on any form of the pill before and this was apparently going to make me grumpy – I’m grumpy anyway though so no one noticed. The day that I was meant to stop I had some brown spotting which panicked me, that wasn’t meant to happen and I thought that all my dates would have to change before I even started but my period didn’t come until the textbook 3 days after I stopped just ready for my baseline.

I had my baseline scan yesterday morning. I had decided that this cycle I was going to my scans on my own. I just felt that I was asking my sister so much to keep coming to so many appointments. I don’t start work until 11 and I feel guilty about the disruption I’m causing there so I wanted early scans, which would then clash with school drop off for my sister so I just felt I should go alone. This felt like a good idea until the night before! I did it though, I was brave and I had a massive sense of relief when one of my favourite nurses came to get me. My uterus is still perfect (I like hearing this!), she found my right ovary easily and that had 11 follicles starting to grow, my left ovary was hard to find and that was the only point in the scan that made me cry but she found it eventually and could see a minimum of 8 follicles. This is all good.

Then she had to weigh me and this is when I thought I was going to be told that I was too fat and they couldn’t do it….but I’ve lost a kilo in the last month!! YEY ME!!!

So I am now 2 150mg Menapur injections down. I started to feel hormonal mid afternoon at work today, I had twinges in my ovaries and my boobs are starting to hurt.

Here we go again!!!!

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