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Mother’s Day – Mg



Today is Mother’s Day in the UK. It’s a day I’ve found hard my whole adult life. A day that reminded me that so many people around me were mummies and had these beautiful little people in their lives. I’m so lucky to have many special children in my life and am honoured to be a part of both the tough and fun times. I’m a good auntie, a brilliant one in fact! Same goes for godmother! I have amazing relationships with these children and hope I have been a good support to my friends over the years. But I still have always had a gaping hole in my heart. I’ve always been determined not to be that person who makes it about her, I’ve alwhas celebrated the day with my loved ones, I always share a positive and supportive Facebook status giving a big high five to my mummy friends for the fabulous job they all do. It has felt for years that I would never get to the point where it was my day to celebrate too.

Last year was especially hard, Mother’s Day was right on the back of my second failed round of IUI, I was heart broken, I was disappointed, I was worried about the financial implications of moving on to IVF, I felt fat, I felt like it was never ever going to happen. I had hoped to be pregnant by the time Mother’s Day came around last year and I felt further away than ever  I’d given my body the opportunity to get pregnant and it had failed me. I really felt it would never be.

Today is Mother’s Day in the UK. Today I hold my month old baby girl in my arms and look at her with awe. It did happen. I did get here.

Scarlett Imogen Nancy arrived on 25th February. She’s beyond perfect and I still can’t quite get my head around the fact she is here and she is mine. The last month has been a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s been intense, terrifying, wonderful, incredible and full of love, anxiety, questions and so many beautiful cuddles. It’s been everything I imagined and nothing I expected!! 

Today I can celebrate being a mummy with the rest of them. I waited and I prayed and I hoped. I worked hard to get here and it paid off. Happy Mother’s Day to me!!

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